Are you into old Westerns? Just hover over any paragraph!

You clicked it.

Even though you were told not to.

That's the type of client we are looking for. A client that knows that to make a world-class omelette, you have to break a few eggs. And then break out the Siracha. And then break out a can of tuna and some mayo.

"Hold up, tuna and mayo in an omelette?" you say. Hesitant, but interested.

That's right my friend. Trust me on this one. Sometimes you just don't know what works until you try it. But you are the type of client who knows that. You are already wondering how much better the tuna and mayo omelettes are than those plain old omelettes you've had the last few times.

But we're not really talking about omelettes here? Or are we? If we are, you probably aren't the right client after all. But if what we are really talking about is world-class results on your social media campaign, then you are definitely the client for us.

Now that we are each others' spirit animal, let's take this relationship to the next level.

You clicked it. Even though you were told not to.

Bless you.


You are just the kind of person we like to work with. Not like all those other cowards navigating through this site right now who were too afraid to take a chance or deviate from "the rules". Seriously, social media is the Wild West right now and we aren't interested in heading out into it with a partner who won't be quick to draw on Cicero Grimes or willing to mosey into the the notorious Leadville saloon.

But judging by the fact that you have fearlessly charged into this forbidden section of the web site, we're already feeling pretty good about joining a posse with you to hunt down the fearsome Macallistor brothers. 

You ready to saddle up? (Are we flogging this metaphor too hard? Perhaps. But we're not done yet!)