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Social media is still relatively new.  The best-practices are either still being formed or are rapidly changing. The astonishing amount of data generated by a digital campaign can lead to three unpleasant outcomes when working with vendors and partners.


Ignorance: They don't know what to do with the mountains of data. 

Incompetence: They know what to do, they just aren't very good at it.
Malfeasance: They shouldn't be doing what they are doing, and they know it.  But you don't.

We've seen all three. Unfortunately, competency and ethical behavior are not traits we can always count on our fellow practitioners to have.  We can help limit your exposure to this risk by auditing the efforts of your team, vendor, or agency.

Forensics Process

Report Report

Often the reports you get from your vendors or partners will reveal some red flags to us or areas that warrant  further investigation.  We can quickly identify those and advise on a course of action.  Ideally, the report checks out and confirms you are in good hands.

Full Audit

If further investigation is needed, we can be given access to your social channels and data and take a deep dive on all areas of concern.  We can often do this part without your vendor's knowledge.


If something is broken, we'll fix it. We can either suggest smaller refinements and recommendations or create a new strategy and game plan.

Case Study

*We don't publicly name our clients. Feel free to ask though.

Client: International academic testing organization

Problem: When looking over a report from one of their vendors, we identified that they had an actual cost-per-email acquisition of over $3,000.  This was being obscured and minimized by the vendor.

Result: ​We helped them confront the vendor and move the budget to a more effective channel where the CPA was under $200.

Case Study

*We don't publicly name our clients. Feel free to ask though.

Client: Travel industry

Problem: We discovered while doing a full audit that their media buying vendor had fundamentally misconfigured every audience. The result was essentially 10 months of ad spend wasted. 

Result: ​We helped the client confront the vendor and provided them with proper audiences and oversight for the duration of the contract. We created a new strategy for the next campaign phase.

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