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Congrats. You've got yourself a shiny new high performing F1 Ferrari. Now you need a driver. One that instinctually knows the course. A driver that can interpret the subtle changes in the chassis vibration. A driver who can read the 145 db engine noise like sheet music.

Or you can see if your uber driver knows how to use paddle shifters. Just don't expect your lap times to qualify.

Well anyways, that's the metaphor we are using. You get the idea. We are exceptionally good at this.

This is where the real work gets done. If done right, it's complicated, frustrating, arcane, and heartbreaking. It keeps​ us up at night and early to work the next morning.

Usually, it's a huge pain in the ass.

We actually love it.

Organic Social Management


Content Creation

We make the memes, gifs, tweets, and other content that will make your audience smitten with your brand. Virality is not guaranteed, but we encourage high expectations.

This is a volume play and it needs to be done cheap. It requires leaning into any cultural artifact that can give you an edge.

Community Management

Engagement is everything. We seek out, encourage, and respond to your audience wherever we can find them. This process also informs the content being created. It's a loop.

We've seen very large accounts collapse due to lack of engagement. It's sad.  Engagement is the scaffolding for your brand, and you need to reinforce it every damn day.


Accountability not only creates trust, but it leads to better results. We report on what worked, why it works, and why it matters. If you don't understand it, we haven't done our job.

Organic results can be quantified, tracked, and measured. They can also be full of bullshit metrics that have no meaning. Our reports are brutally honest and we'd like you to be the same.

Paid Social Management


Campaign Building

We setup all the audiences,  campaigns, and adsets on all the platforms, double check the pixels and integrations, and get everything ready for the green light.

There are thousands of actions to take in this step. Small mistakes can be devastating. We have a checklist so long you could land an Airbus 380 on it.

Relentless Optimization

We have gotten it right the first time exactly zero times. Top tier results require constant tweaking, experimentation, and pushing the platforms to their (our) breaking point.  It's kinda fun.

Don't let those strategists fool you, this step is what makes or breaks a campaign. It's a bloodsport between your brand, consumers, and platform algorithms. If we are delivering twice the industry average here, we've failed.


Accountability not only creates trust, but it leads to better results. We report on what worked, why it works, and why it matters. If you don't understand it, we haven't done our job.

Most clients don't have a fundamental understanding of reporting and data. We get it.  You have other fish to fry and we geek out on this stuff. But when we both know what success looks like, we can speak the same language. Let's get smart together.


Case Study

*We don't publish our clients' names. Feel free to ask though.

Client: 163-year-old nationally distributed home & garden brand.

Objective: Drive website traffic (but a bump in in-store sales would be great too.)

Challenge: People have been buying this product in stores since before the Civil War.  But it's a different time now.  Would consumers even visit the website of a brand that's always been a short horse/car ride away?


  • We built 5 audiences based on 4 overlapping audience factors: Interest, Sub-interest, Personality, and Purchase Intent.

  • We built Facebook lookalike audiences off progressively better signals as the data became available.

  • We used video to generate awareness (15.8% ad -recall lift at 3.4 frequency) and retargeted viewers with several traffic campaigns (campaign total link-CTR of 2.51%).

  • Aggressive optimizations and thrice-weekly check-ins.


  • Awareness CPM was 31% better than bechmark. 

  • Traffic CTR was 92% better than benchmark.

  • Traffic cost per landing page view was $.92. 

  • In-store sales were also up double digits. 

Using AdStage 2018 Q4 benchmarks

Client: CPG.

Objective: Website traffic + instore lift.

Challenge: Brand new website, no real industry leader.  Buying behavior was not been established.


  • Find the very best audience.

  • Make every optimization possible.


  • Lots of traffic at low cost per visit.  In-store sales up double digits.


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