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Office Hours: "Doritos New Ad Campaign, What Media Buyers Want & Broad Targeting"

Fancy seeing you here. Well. If you're NOT familiar with how things run during NAIL.social Office Hours, let me tell ya. We usually start off with a quick little update and this week it so happens to be: Popeye's current position due a tweet. We also talk about how Doritos new ad campaign is all about dropping their logo and using UGC to their full advantage. Hulu came to our Providence office to talk shop--except we didn't really feel the presentation was insightful for media buyers. Jess shares his opinion on what the next big social platform may be and what it will most likely consist of. Experimenting with targeting on Facebook has brought us to the notion that open targeting-or very little targeting-may be the way to go for campaigns involving eCommerce. Our lovely squad on Twitter told us to rant about the rights of BMW owners and Rachyl talks about how it's necessary to take a break from social every once in a while. If you love this podcast, tell a friend or two and tag us in a Tweet @NAILsocial to let us know you're listening! Catch ya on the flip side.

Show Notes

This Week in Organic

2:20 Update! Popeyes has sold out of their entire September inventory for their chicken sandwich as a result of "Chicken Wars". Even more mind-blowing: it has been calculated that the media value of this organic ad is about $23 Million!

4:00 Doritos makes the bold move to get "rid" of their logo; claiming that it's a snack so iconic it doesn't need a name.

6:15 They're also in the process of making their Instagram page a complete cultivation of UGC.

This Week in Paid: Dear Vendor

9:30 A couple reps from Hulu came into the office to chat about buying media from their platform. The thing is: there wasn't much information on media spend like pricing, targeting, or case studies.

Explain that Tweet

14:00 We have an idea of what the next big social platform may be and who is most likely to be in on the investment. Check out our Twitter thread for a complete breakdown of the who, what, when, where of this all.

Maybe We Were Wrong About

21:35 Targeting, once again! Well... more like we figured out something pretty interesting: the benefits of broadening target audiences for our eCommerce clients.

Rant Wheel (Discord Poll)

27:25 We're ranting about BMW owners this week courtesy of the Discord channel and honestly... we're not sure what to say.


30:00 If you're picking up what we're putting down, toss it over to a friend, sibling, boss and let us know how you've used our latest strategies, tips and trick on Twitter (@NAILsocial)

32:10 Also remember it is OK to take a social break every once in a while even when social is your entire life.

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