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Office Hours: Millions of highschool freshman are crying in fetal position

Come on in...all are welcome. This is the NAILsocial Office Hours Podcast where we talk all things social all.the.time. EOS is killing it with their branded hashtag #makeitawesome on TikTok, listen for the all story during This Week in Organic. SHOCKER: Facebook is experiencing some attribution issues once again making it the topic of discussion on This Week in Paid. We love a good nonprofit/gov. business that knows how to social. Listen to a few of our faves and why they've made it on the list during a new segment Department of Memes. There are so many campaign types on Facebook it can seem overwhelming so we've broken it down for you during Explain that Tweet. In a Rant Takeover by Jess this week he shares why its so important to be actively involved in the platforms you are working/posting ads on! If you're picking up what we're putting down, go ahead and rate this podcast for us. See ya next week!

Show Notes

This Week in Organic

2:00 There is such a huge opportunity for brands to create movement on TikTok. EOS #makeitawesome campaign on TikTok is an amazing example that is blowing up!

This Week in Paid

7:35 Reporting & attribution issues on FB once again. It is extremely important that those in the industry have trustworthy sources they can confirm outages like this, with.

Department of Memes

12:20 Certain businesses may have a hard time finding their voice on social. But we’re really diggin the work of some nonprofit/gov. accounts like @montereyaq on Twitter.

Explain That Tweet

20:50 The different ad campaigns on Facebook and what each is best used for.

Rant Wheel

30:45 It’s important to make an informed decision on social platforms--but you can really only do this by actually being a part of the platform


36:25 Hanging with coworkers outside of business builds stronger work relationships!! Stronger work relationships usually leads to better, more efficient work.

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