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Office Hours: "Nicki Binaj"

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

Whats up guys, how are we feeling?! So, this week we're swapping out Jess for Nail.cc Creative Partner, Alec Beckett, and getting his take on all things social. We first talk about the Octopus Emoji and our strategy to try out emojis in product based copy. Alec explains his Awards Article, It turns out the article I really wanted wasn't an award, and how validation in the creative industry has changed for him. Alec recommends three people to follow on social who have a cool overall perspective and approach to creative. In the Aftershow, Rachyl is bringing back scrunchies and we're wondering if Blanco Brown is just trying to rip off Lil Nas X? Rate our podcast if you find us even remotely interesting and don't forget to follow us on Twitter @NAILsocial for all updates on social! See ya!

Show Notes:

Octopus Emoji

3:25 In social, we've been trying out emojis in product based copy to see the results we desire. Rachyl pokes Alec's brain about this strategy to get a creative rather than strategic point of view.

6:00 A lot of our B2B clients are concerned about using emojis in their work. It's important to us to have both sides of communication shine in our work: deep human connection and cultural viewpoints.

Awards Article

9:55 We visit one of Alec's piece of writing and talk about the real point that a piece of work becomes validated in this day and age.

13:50 For a data driven person like Rachyl, results speak more volume than awards ever will.

Who to Follow

20:05 Three very different follow recommendations that are all top tier creatives. Listen in to find out who!

The Rant Poll

24:50 Twitter voted 'the eCommerce bubble' as the topic for us to rant about this week. We think it's important for agencies in this industry to broaden their horizons and focus on brand identity/voice as well as eCommerce.

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30:00 Scrunchies AND Blanco Brown!? Yea, we're not a one trick pony over here.

Links and Resources

It turns out the award I really wanted to win wasn't really an award by Alec Beckett

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The Git Up by Blanco Brown

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