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Office Hours: "Self Diagnosed Business Professional"

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to #NSOH 15th podcast. First, we wanted to give you a sweet lil update on Lil Nas X and his never ending remixes of Old Town Road. Moving on to This Week in Organic we're talking about Facebook's $5 B fine over privacy breaches. Rachyl cringes over these crazy scaling strategies Jess shares during This Week in Paid. A new segment is introduced, H2B2B, where we give our opinion on how businesses should interact with other businesses. WARNING: AI copywriting is trained to predict the next word or paragraph of a sentence and is scarily accurate. Let's Talk TOFU, or more like how you can use video for top of the funnel content. You all voted for 'clients who don't get it' for The Rant Wheel Poll in which we rant about the difficulty of client relationships. In the Aftershow we give a LIVE example of how the AI copywriting works. Follow us on Twitter @NAILsocial and make sure to rate this podcast! See ya next week.

Show Notes:

This Week in Organic

5:20 Facebook is SLAPPED with the biggest fine in FTC history for privacy breaches... but $5 billion is only one month of FB's revenue so NBD.

7:50 And oddly enough, there was some recent talk surrounding FB's plan to develop a headset that reads brainwaves.

This Week in Paid

9:40 Paid social is a fairly new practice so there aren't really any set rules out there to follow. We came across these guys that use some crazy scaling techniques on Facebook.

How2B2B 17:00 We often get questions from clients asking what platforms they should operate on. Answer? Reframe the way you think about these social platforms: everyone uses them all.


22:00 Amateurs are getting a hold of high tech yet easy-to-use programs and deep fakes are getting out of hand.

24:35 Now, theres even AI copywriting that is trained to take one sentence and create fictional paragraphs based off of 8 million links from Reddit.

Let's Talk TOFU

27:25 The importance of using video at the top of the funnel to help find an audience when you aren't too sure who to target.

29:30 Video is so helpful in narrowing down your audience, creating LAL's, and retargeting.

Rant Wheel Poll

31:45 Twitter chose 'clients who don't get it' as the rant topic. Client relationships can get frustrating when there is confusion and misunderstanding.

33:45 It's extremely important to educate your client so the rest of the relationship goes smoothly.


35:15 LIVE AI copywriting demo.

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