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Office Hours: "The Bunburger, a burger made of buns"

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Welcome back to the NAIL.social Office Hours Podcast! First we’re getting the ball rollin’ with a quick update on the Area 51 event as well as Lil Nas X’s record streak. This Week in Organic’s topic, The Bunburger, is an exciting one for us because it’s a brand that is exclusively run by social media management. We then talk about the importance of social proofing for eCommerce clients in This Week in Paid. This is incredibly valuable because it creates an ad unit that has loads of positive comments from real consumers. We have More Questions than Answers when it comes to the 100% anonymous message board, 8chan, and its connection to extremist activity. Jess Explains That Tweet about the difference between good creative and good looking creative on social. The Rant Poll makes its weekly appearance! Our lovely participants chose ‘Twitter Spam’ and we rant about the CEO of TMobile’s twitter feed which is oddly interesting. Don’t forget to check out our website Nail.social where you can find more information on all of our services. See you all next week!

Show Notes:

This Week in Organic

3:45 The Bunburger is a brand created and run by all social media managers. Whats interesting though, is it has no client leadership or approval.

This Week in Paid

10:10 We've recently been suggesting the concept of social proofing to a lot of our clients. This is an amazing way to gain a valuable ad unit where consumers speak on behalf of the product.

More Questions Than Answers

15:30 8chan, a 100% anonymous online chatroom, is blamed for being an outlet for people who are extremists.

19:30 8chan has recently been taken down from its initial server and is now on the dark web.

Explain That Tweet

25:05 There is a huge difference between good creative and good-looking creative. Sometimes the content that performs the best, isn't always the content that is the best looking.

The Rant Poll

29:20 We're ranting about Twitter spam and what instantly comes to mind for us is the CEO of TMobile, John Legere.

32:00 Plug ya ears and check out our website Nail.social that contains all of our management, labs, and bootcamp informations. Email us at coffee@nail.social if you wanna have a chat over some coffee!


33:05 Jess is going on vacation so next week we will be having a special cohost, Alec Beckett, our creative partner at NAIL communications!

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