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Office Hours: "The Cult of Extremely Onlines"

We've got a really good one for you guys this week! We're jumping right into it with This Week in Organic where we talk about people who are (still) skeptical of social media. We know nobody really cares, but Facebook has announced there will be a new privacy feature that disables advertisers from tracking consumers offline. We chat all about this and in This Week in Paid. Ok, Let's Move On, and talk about what creative agencies need to do in order to grow and thrive with this industry. The next segment is where we bring in The Cult of Extremely Onlines and have them chat about who they are, what they do, and what really grinds their gears. We really hope you enjoy this new take of the podcast and don't forget to rate rate rate! See ya next week!

Show Notes

This Week in Organic: Skeptic Tank

3:00 Not everyone in the marketing/advertising industry fully realizes the real value social media brings to the table.

6:00 Not all attribution is good attribution! Be weary of agencies reporting on data that doesn't hold any significant importance to your campaign.

This Week in Paid

8:25 Yes, Facebook will now allow you to control your off-line activity but the thing is, does anyone even know what this really is?

Let's Move On

12:00 What does the future look like for agencies who are set up for traditional advertising? One thing we know for sure is that agencies need to learn and speak the native language of social. Bring those who speak this language in house!!

The Cult of Extremely Onlines / Live Rant Wheel

17:15 A LIVE rant wheel with the discord channel: The Cult of Extremely Onlines. These guys live and breath everything social.


30:20 Plug ya ears!! Feel free to send us some questions to coffee@nail.social or mention us on Twitter @NAILsocial and let us know what you think of this episode.

31:35 A continuation of the conversation with The Cult of Extremely Onlines where we talk, Hey Arnold, Spongebob, and anime.

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