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Office Hours: "The Dab Lab"

Well, well, well. We meet again. Welcome back to the Nail Social Office Hours podcast presented by no one other than THE Jess Bachman and Rachyl Jackson! During This Week in Organic, we share what we predict the outcome of Instagram's "no likes" experiment will be. This Week in Paid means Ad's Manager won't let us live our best lives per usual. We introduce a new segment about our Nail Social Academy videos where we spit hot fire on things like why social media even matters. WARNING!!! If you have someone connected to any of your accounts, make sure you can pull the plug if need be. Remember the whole Area 51 event? Of course you do. Well, Update, Budlight is promoting a new beer for this meme and we share our thoughts on it. The Rant Wheel is now The Rant Poll in which we ask YOU GUYS what you'd like us to rant about week to week. This ended up being a conversation about when people bring their boat ass trucks in parking garages. We want to hear from y'all so tweet your suggestions to @NAILsocial and don't forget to rate this 'cast. See ya!

Show Notes: 14 - “The Dab Lab”

This Week in Organic

2:20 Instagram is actually testing hiding the ‘like’ feature on posts. What kind of effect is this going to have on users, influencers, agencies?

This Week in Paid

7:20 Ads manager disabled one of our client’s accounts this week due to a “random risk scan”, whatever that means. This is why it is extremely important to diversify your assets across different platforms--you never know what random aberration may occur.

10:00 Campaign budget optimization is being pushed back to February 2020!

Why Social Matters (Organic)

12:45 Nail Social Academy are short, easy-going, videos that are super informative and interesting.

14:15 Why does social even matter? Simply put: it’s where people are talking.


17:40 As a brand, you need to make sure you are able to take full control and access from people who have access to your account. We use a service called LastPass that secures all of our usernames and passwords.


21:35 Budlight is playing off of the Area 51 meme by developing an alien themed beer. Aside from the really cool can, we’re not sure if this is a good idea.

The Rant Wheel is Now The Rant Poll

25:00 We asked the people what they wanted to hear and they spoke. So, this segment is us ranting about people who park their insanely large trucks in parking garages.

28:00 PLUG YA EARS and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @NAILsocial and subscribe to our Youtube channel @nail.social to watch our NSA videos!


29:00 We were supposed to talk about news poisoning… but then Jess started doing the dab.

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