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Office Hours: "The general public should get their own podcast"

This week on NAIL.social Office Hours: Jess is back and we're feeling better than ever. We're wasting NO TIME, starting with This Week in Paid where we chat about Reddits broadcasting "test", r/pan. During real-life office hours this week, our agency had a really great conversation about the implications of video on social so we figured we'd bring the convo to This Week in Paid. We felt the need to Explain That Tweet about making long-term and short-term decisions using data as a driving force. Where Are They Now??? And no, we're not talkin 'bout washed up Disney channel stars, we're talking about the ghosts of socials past. Matthew Kobach is the star of Who to Follow this week... tune in to find out why. We took The Rant Wheel to Twitter and now its made its way into a Discord channel where our friends told us to rant about "fake brand drama: chicken wars edition". Theres only one request on this weeks Plug Ya Ears and that is to RATE.THIS.CAST! We love and appreciate your support and hope to catch you all next week on NSOH, see ya!!

Show Notes


1:50 The "Buckle Up" meme on TikTok ft. @LilNasX ’s Rodeo

This Week in Organic

2:25 Reddit's five day “test” with live broadcasting

4:30 The option to upvote/downvote a live video as well as comment can become dangerous in our opinion.

This Week in Paid

9:20 Platforms, placements, and timing when it comes to video on social. The most important aspect of video on social is the opening seconds. It needs to be not only eye catching but make people want to stay for the rest of the ad.

Explain That Tweet

13:00 When to use data vs. expertise to make short and long term decisions. Social doesn't provide any long term data on campaign performance and it makes it hard to make long term decisions without personal experience.

Where Are They Now?

17:00 Social platforms like Tumblr are no where near as popular as they once were. Where are they now and what happened in between their rise and demise?

Who to Follow

22:30 Matthew Kobach, @mkobach, head of New York Stock Exchange social media is amazing as simplifying some of the most practical and tactical concepts in social.

The Rant Poll

25:00 We asked the discord channel we belong to what we should rant about. They recommended "fake brand drama: chicken war edition". Brands like Popeyes, KFC, and Chick-Fil-A are involved.


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30:10 The Nitro Bar in Providence & Newport, RI has some killer coffee. 100% recommend.

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