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We get it, you probably clicked on "strategy" with some trepidation. We know there is no industry full of more nonsense and doublespeak than ad strategy. Much of it is a smoke screen to obscure the hard reality that there is no silver bullet, no magic formula, no proprietary process that guarantees success.  

Our strategies are designed to flex, fit on one slide, and contain no buzzwords. The recipe is simple. Know the platforms. Know the pitfalls. Know the culture. Make a plan and then fix the plan when the inputs change.  And they always do.

If it works, we use it.  If it doesn't work, we will have stopped using it four months ago.

Organic Social Strategy


Context Acquisition

We take a deep dive on your product or service, your audience, your capabilities and assets, and of course, your competition.

We get to know you better than your doctor reading your browser history. Just not in a creepy way.

Campaign Development

We come up with a campaign that can live on its own or within an exisiting campaign. This includes concepts and recommendations for all four levels our Organic Social Hierarchy of Needs™.

We come up with a campaign that can stand on its own two feet, or is just two feet among the many on a spider or centipede. Just not in a creepy way.

Ongoing Support

We've found that success is best ensured when we can provide ongoing support and guidance.  This includes social listening, identifying opportunities and trends, and content inspiration.

We'll be your corner man, Rocky! Coaching you and making you chase chickens and beat up frozen meat. Just not in a creepy way.

Paid Social Strategy


Context Acquisition

Context is everything.  We take a deep dive on your product or service, your audience, your capabilities and assets, and of course, that pesky competition of yours.

We learn the ins and outs, ups and downs, inside and out, what's right and what's left with your business. 

Well that kind of went off the rails, didn't it? 

Audience Development

We find your people, your tribe, your future customers wherever they may be, and then built hyper targeted audiences on all relevant platforms. Our strategy is built on finding the biggest and best audience your budget can achieve.

We find your tribe.

Unless they live in the Amazon, in which case, you can find them.

This is where the pieces come together. We map out all the touch points, messaging, and frequency of all the ads.  Then we set budgets, KPI, and reporting expectations to guide whomever is doing the management.

This involves lots of flowy lines and arrows.

Think Jackson Pollock using clipart.

Funnel Development


Case Study

*We don't publish our clients' names. Feel free to ask though.

Client: Foundation of a Forbes top 20 billionaire

Objective: Drive viewership of an annual live stream event.

Challenge: Getting people to click through to a website takes skill.  Getting people to click through to a live stream about government spending on a Tuesday morning in a 30-minute window... takes planning.


  • We determined that if we started a live stream from a Facebook Event in a certain way, it would  trigger a push notification on the phone of people who were 'interested' in going.

  • We built 8 distinct audiences and served them unique video assets to build awareness and to populate a retargeting audience.

  • Those retargeting audiences were served Facebook Event Response ads.

  • The people who selected 'interested' or 'going' were retargeted with reminder ads the day before and day of the event.

  • We also identified a loophole that allowed us to use an actual live stream video as ad creative, which we used during the live stream and served the "live-ad" to retargeted audiences.  This loophole has since been closed.


Result: Previous year's event had 1,000 views.  We set an aggressive goal of 10,000 viewers. We delivered 24,000.

Client talk: "A novice agency would have panicked after day 3 of our campaign and packed their bags and went home. A good agency would likely have delivered a great awareness campaign and enticed a few new followers, but would have never gotten us to our goals. Working with made me realize that I left no room for the B team, we needed an agency that was wildly creative and knew the undocumented mysteries of paid social campaigns; one that possessed the tribal knowledge that you can only acquire from testing and experimenting on real campaigns, and lots of them. We had impossibly short timelines to deliver, a very young brand with little market traction, and high expectations for an event that hadn't even been fully conceptualized at the time the advertising began. Curve balls, Constraints, Risks? Yep, we threw them all at And they far surpassed my every expectation. They made a high-pressure situation less sweaty, and I would even venture to call it fun."

-KB, Operations Manager

Client: Monopoly guy but with software.

Objective: Get people to watch some live education about government spending.

Challenge: Did you even read the objective?


  • We worked all the angles like Archimedes and Kandinsky decorating a Frank Lloyd Wright house.

Result: We over delivered like octo-mom.  Oh god, how many more metaphors do I have to write.

Client talk: "They rocked it"

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